Simple Widget

Simple Widget SettingsThe Simple mode widget offers a quick and easy way to display a price comparison module based on your existing CompariPress PCU’s.

Widget Settings

The widget settings allow you to choose which fields to display (Merchant Logo, Product Name, Price and Buy Now Button), max number of products and the order in which to display the products. Along with your own custom CSS, the simple widget gives you a lot of felibility. However, for full custom control of how your products will be displayed, you can use the Advanced Widget.

Custom CSS

custom cssThe CompariPress Companion simple widget is styled with a basic layout which can be customized with your own CSS code. All of the CSS code used to style the widget is accessable and can be manipulated on the plugin settings page.

Since the widget is search engine friendly, all of the CSS code will appear on a separate style sheet and not in the widget code or at the header of the page.

Associating PCU’s with Posts

CompariPress Companion does not use the “Assign to Post” field from the CompariPressPCU settings. In fact, we recommend against assigning PCU’s to posts for a number of reasons (see FAQ). Instead, you can select which PCU to display on a specific post using the CompariPress Companion¬†dropdown menu in the edit post screen. You can display the same PCU on as many posts as you want, however if you would like to display products from more than one PCU on a single post, you will need to use the Advanced Widget.
Select the CompariPress unit for your post

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